Registration Requirements

World Agility Championships are announced:

Date of the competition: 6-8 October 2023.
Location:Győr-Gyimrót, Alcufer Stadium
Entry fee: 90 Euro/ dog
Entry: online entry – WUSV2023
Entry deadline: 10. September 2023.

The competition will be held in 3 performance classes for German Shepherds.

Individual competition

For the individual classification the worst A-run and the worst jumping-run are taken into account.
Jumping run as strike result. The best 20% of the starters of each class (A1, A2, A3) take part.
The best 20% of the starters of each class (A1, A2, A3) take part.


Up to six starters per country can be entered for the respective national team. be entered. A team must consist of at least three competitors. Only 1 country team per country is allowed. It is not possible to have a mixed team of different international starters.

Rules for country ranking:

Ranking points shall be allocated to the starters of a team per walk-on part. All rounds count. The points awarded depend on the class in which one is running. If you run in class A3, you will get 1 point for 1st place, 2. Points, a 3rd place 3 points, etc. For a disqualification 50 points are awarded. awarded. For A2 these points are multiplied by 1.2 and for A1 by 1.4. multiplied. Only the 3 best combinations will be used for this scoring.The 3 worst combinations will be eliminated. The country team then consists of the 3 best combinations. For these three, all six heats will be scored. (No strike result) The country with the least points is the winner.


The conditions to enter the competition:

  • Age of at least 18 months
  • Pedigree card accepted by the WUSV
  • Document proving the performance class  or agility work book).
  • Rabies vaccination not older than one year (according to Hungarian legislation), at least 21 days must have elapsed from the date of administration.
  • Good health condition of the dog (which will be checked on the spot)

The FCI rules apply to the competition.